Before you toss that old headboard, try these cool 12 ideas first

Do you have an old headboard laying around but have no idea what to do with it? Tossing it away may be the first thought that comes to mind but wait, there are other better possibilities.
We have collected the best DIY tutorials on how to transform your old headboard into unique pieces. From quilt racks to benches to swings, there is a project for you to turn your trash into treasures.
1. Upcycle into a quilt rack
Do you like to quilt or know anyone who enjoys quilting? This fun and easy project is for you. Turn your old headboard into a handy rack to show off your latest designs! For what it's worth, it even works well as a towel rack.
2. Create a chalkboard
This chalkboard is perfect for your living room or kitchen to add a touch of coziness to your home. Check out the quick DIY tutorial here.
3. Repurpose into an outdoor bench
This outdoor bench will look divine in your patio or garden. This treasure will make everyone ask you where on earth you bought it from. To think that this was once your headboard is amazing. Here is the tutorial to get you started.
4. Turn it into a wall shelf
This vintage looking wall shelf is super easy to create. All you need is your headboard, iron brackets, and a thin wooden plank. Check out the tutorial here.
5. Make a porch swing
Doesn't this swing look nice and cozy? Imagine enjoying the morning sun while sipping on your tea on this porch swing. Check out the full tutorial here to create your next go-to spot.
6. Make a corner bench
Need some storage space and want to make good use of the corners in your home? Create your own corner bench with this simple tutorial by Home Talk.
7. Turn it into a clipboard
This clipboard will keep your life organized. Once you clip your bill or letter to this board, you will not lose it again. Here is the easy project to get you started.
8. Create a welcome sign
We are obsessed with the rustic look of this sign, especially with the fall scenery. This sign would be perfect for an outdoor fall wedding. Check out the tutorial here.
9. Repurpose into a gate
Turn trash to treasure with this simple tutorial on transforming an old rusty iron headboard into this whimsical looking gate.
10. Upcycle into a coat rack
How amazing does this coat rack look? It would look great in the entry way of your home while being practical in keeping all your coats organized. Here is the tutorial.
11. Make a flower bed
Need a pop of color in your garden? Turn your old headboard into a flower bed with this simple tutorial. You can customize the colors of the flower bed to be whatever you like to suit your style.
12. Make a holder
This holder is perfect for hanging little important bits and pieces that you don't want to lose such as your keys. Check out this shabby chic design here.
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