Light up any space in your home with a beautiful crocheted LED lights rug (video)

Watch the video demonstration above by Ashleigh Kiser to learn how to crochet over LED lights.
A new DIY project has taken Pinterest by storm. Originally created by designer Johanna Hyrkäs for IMU Design, this project is guaranteed to wow anyone who sees it. The beautiful lighted rug has inspired many very talented crafters to make their own and to share their tutorials so you can reproduce it from the comfort of your own home.
Ashleigh Kiser / DIY Everywhere
What is a room without proper lighting or a nice, soft rug to add some color and personality to it? The best thing about this project is that it combines both features in one, making for one of the most unique decorative pieces we've ever seen. 
For this project, you'll need a strand of LED lights. It's important to make sure that they're LED lights, since they don't heat up as much as regular lights and don't create a fire hazard. They're also much more efficient when it comes to saving energy! The length of the light strand will determine the size of your rug, so you should have that in mind when picking the strand. All the projects you'll see below used a 20-foot-long strand. 
You'll also need big plastic crochet hooks and textile yarn. Another possibility would be making your own yarn out of old T-shirts, as UpcycledStuff demonstrates on this video, or you could also use some flexible rope. 
This is the beautiful Johanna Hyrkäs design that has inspired so many people. In order to reproduce this gorgeous craft yourself, you'd need to find a standard pattern for spiral crochet, for example this one shared by snovej or this one shared by The Mercerie
Once you have the pattern, it's time to start crocheting, as shown by Carmen Jorissen from Crafty Queens
Hyrkäs chose to crochet a couple rows before integrating the light strand and used textile yarn instead of the white rope from the original project. 
Now let's take a look at Bauta Witch's version of it. She chose to give her lighted rug a more floral look, so she added a trim. This idea doesn't just add a different aesthetic touch to the finished product, it also allows you to make a bigger rug even if your light strand isn't that long. 
Sans Limites Crochet also felt inspired by Hyrkäs' idea. Her take on this project is very similar to the Crafty Queens one, with just a slight variation on the pattern. The result is as beautiful, nevertheless. 
As you can see, all of these crafty ladies decided to reproduce Johanna Hyrkäs' idea very closely, using both white lights and white yarn. If you prefer to do something more colorful, there's always that possibility as well. 
You could combine a multicolor light strand with white yarn, or use a different color for the yarn. A pastel color would be perfect for a baby's room, for example, and a two-color pattern would look awesome in a living room. As usual, this is completely up to your own taste and needs!
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