Cut card stock into stacks of circles and make an exquisite statement piece for any room

Paint chips are available at your local hardware store in a multitude of colors and just about any shade you can imagine. No matter your style or color preferences, there's something for everyone just due to the sheer volume available. There are thousands of different shades of white paint alone! But, paint chips aren't just for deciding your color scheme at home.
There are several interesting tutorials for how to repurpose these little squares into stunning decor. Most of these DIY projects are surprisingly simple and can bring a unique look to any room. So, get ready to be inspired to color outside the lines with paint chips!
1. Stunning mobile from free paint chips
Evie & Sarah actually use card stock to create this gorgeous mobile. Their inspiration was a paint chip mobile, but they decided to go easy on the free chips from the hardware store.
If you feel the same way, you can always create a smaller one...or go the same route to duplicate a gorgeous paint chip project out of card stock. The delicate circles almost look like flower petals to create a home accent that will get all the "oohs" and "ahhs" from your guests.
2. Paint chip gift boxes
How About Orange uses paint chips to create these handy-dandy little gift boxes. Just a few simple steps and voila! You have a custom gift box that will make any treat stand out. The bright colors mix very well with each other to create a unique look you just aren't going to see in every gift basket.
3. Paint chip matchbox notebooks
Gone are the days when we need to have large notebooks weighing down our purses or backpacks. These pocket-sized notebooks with a matchbox look from The Hobby Room Diaries are perfect. They're also easy to make from paint chip samples and take just a few easy steps. Then, all you need is a pen, and you'll be set to take quick notes whenever you need!
4. Heart art from paint chips for a lovely look
Jen from I Heart Organizing created these gorgeous ombre paint chip art pieces. She says punching out the hearts even feels therapeutic while you're creating these! You would never know to look at this that it came from paint chips, would you?
5. Paint chip wall mobile
This gorgeous wall art from Honeybee Vintage really elevates the look of the paint chips. Melissa created this for her daughter's room, and it looks just perfect above the headboard. For the price and simplicity, with the final product looking so high end, this DIY project is definitely worth trying.
Which colorful project are you going to try? Let us know in the comments, and please SHARE the inspiration with others so everyone can join in on the fun with paint chips!

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