Slice the top off a piece of 2x4 and craft the 'sweetest' autumn decor for your coffee table

If you have ever done any sort of home remodeling, chances are you have some oddly-sized pieces of wood lying around your home. They might just be sitting there collecting dust in a corner of your garage or basement, but they don't need to go to waste. It doesn't take much to dust off those old chunks of wood and create some pretty spectacular custom decor pieces.
So get ready to check out these tutorials and get inspired to create your next adorable DIY project. All you need is a little paint, some flair, and your imagination to make some super-cute harvest and holiday decor style crafts. Let's get started with a sweet treat of an idea.
1. Shape leftover wood chunks into delicious-looking candy corn decor
People seem to have strong feelings about candy corn one way or the other...either you love them, or you hate them. No matter how you feel about the actual candy, these candy corn blocks from Our Clover House are just scrumptious looking.
They're just repurposed 2x4s with some creative cuts and a little paint. Adorable!
2. Go with stripes and dots to create a cheery harvest decor look
Simply Kierste painted these wood cuts in bright orange and white and created visual interest by mixing up the stripes and dots. Yes, that's a stem made out of a tree branch sticking out of the top. It's the perfect finish to an easy project that will look way more expensive than it is.
3. Turn wood pieces into pumpkins with a few simple steps
This version of wooden decor from Today's Fabulous Finds creates a super-cute set of mini-pumpkins resting on top of a slice of wood. This adorable pumpkin patch also gets a scary makeover for Halloween. Check out the tutorial to find out how to make this a little more spooky-looking.
4. Turn random-sized blocks into Christmas characters
If you are counting down to the holiday season, you will love this next project. Babblings & More got creative with this tree, snowman, and Santa decor. The tree is decorated in repurposed buttons. This is an easy way to kill two birds with one stone, clean out your old wood pile and get rid of some of the random buttons sitting in the bottom of your sewing supplies. Plus, you'll end up with enviable holiday decor in the end!
5. Three easy cuts and some paint and you have a field of Christmas trees
Life with Fingerprints shows us how to create this fabulous field of trees with just a few easy cuts and some creative painting techniques. These can easily be customized to match your existing holiday decor color scheme.
If you don't have a bunch of wood lying around your house, you usually can get a few scrap pieces at a discount from your local hardware store. Which decor project inspires you the most? Tell us in the comments and please SHARE. Enjoy your DIY decor!

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