Buy a $1 plate at the discount store and transform it into gorgeous custom dishware

Imagine if you could transfer your creative ideas and doodles onto a permanent surface and continue to enjoy your creations for a long time to come. You can with these tutorials on how to create crafts with Sharpie pens. From dinnerware to planters, the only limits are your imagination.
Here's a look at some of the most inspiring posts showing how to use Sharpies in a whole new way. You can incorporate your own color scheme and style, and any of these ideas can serve as great gifts this upcoming holiday season.
1. Bright, colorful marker designs on plain bowls
Brit & Co. uses regular permanent marker-style Sharpies in bright, cheery colors to decorate these ceramic bowls and containers. The design here is delightful, but you can use different patterns if you like. The tutorial includes instructions for washing so your creations stay looking bright and new.
2. Custom planters in just two simple steps
These adorable planters from DIY Candy are super-easy to make. This is the same technique used to create ceramic mugs, but instead on a flower pot. You also don't have to use the typical methods to make the paint permanent because you aren't going to wash these as frequently as you would projects involving food or drinks. All you need are letter or shape stickers and an oil-based Sharpie.
3. Easy-to-make heart mugs
Brendid made these lovely mugs with a sweet theme. If you're nervous about making a perfect heart, don't worry. You actually use the handle of the mug to create the stencil yourself, so the heart forms just right every time. These custom-made mugs are permanent when you use Sharpie oil-based paint pens and follow the instructions to keep everything in place for a long time.
4. A gift for a teacher or just about anyone who likes coffee
Designer Trapped shows us how to create this colorful dotted monogram mug as a one-of-a-kind gift for a teacher or anyone else in your life. The unique design makes this mug stand out. You can even choose different shapes for the center.
5. Rustic chic dinnerware with permanent marker accent
This plate from The Sweetest Occasion was created using regular Sharpie permanent markers and a stencil.
The pattern is simple and sweet — the perfect complement to the rustic wood-slice placeholder under it. No one would think this plate was made using a Sharpie marker!

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