Collect tree branches from your own yard to make this expensive-looking home decor

The latest trend of rustic chic decor focuses mainly on bringing the outdoors into central focus. It's taking the outdoors and incorporating nature into the look of your home, with natural colors and textures. One easy way to bring nature inside is to decorate with cotton bolls.
For everyone not raised directly next door to a cotton field (as I happened to be), that isn't a typo. They're really called bolls. That's the protective shell that surrounds cotton growing in its natural state. Now that you know that bit of trivia read on to discover how to incorporate DIY and natural cotton into your decor.
1. Toss some stems in a bucket and get a unique rustic look
Faux cotton stems can be quite pricey. But, of course, you can DIY cotton stems of your own for a whole lot less.
If you don't happen to live in the southern states near a cotton field, you can easily make your very own for a lot less than purchasing them in a store. Twelve on Main shows us how to make realistic cotton branches out of regular cotton balls, sticks, and pinecones.
2. Branch out with this realistic looking faux-cotton tutorial
In another take on how to create your own version of cotton stems, Easy Peasy Creative shows us this penny-pinching method. This uses a few different products to get the final results, but they definitely look natural, and no one would ever know they didn't cost much more than they do.
3. Get a gorgeous wreath with just a few twists of the branches
The faux bolls look very realistic, and they definitely get the cuteness factor in! Get the full tutorial at Thrifty & Chic.
4. Envy-worthy wreath created with faux cotton stems
A Diamond in the Stuff uses faux cotton bolls purchased from an arts and crafts store to create this lovely, realistic-looking wreath. There are plenty of awesome tips and tricks for wrapping the stems around the wreath, and the end result is pretty adorable. Don't you agree?
5. Bring a touch of cotton to your Christmas tree with this garland
Home Remedies RX shows us how to make this lovely pom-pom garland. This garland helps soften the look of the rustic Christmas tree, and costs way less than one you'd purchase ready-made. It definitely helps make this tree stand out from the rest!
Which project are you going to try? Please let us know in the comments and don't forget to SHARE the inspiration with others. Enjoy your cotton crafting!

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