18 cool ways to repurpose old bedsheets

Everyone has old items lying around the house that they don't want to throw away but also don't quite know what to do with. Bed sheets are usually some of those items that lay in the linen closet untouched and underused because they no longer serve a purpose.
We've taken the time to find the best ways to use those old bed sheets you just can't seem to part with. Whether they're vintage, a little ratty or covered in a memorable print, we have just the project for you.
1. Turn it into a duvet cover
If you have a pretty vintage sheet lying around, it's about time you turn it into a duvet cover. As a duvet, you get to enjoy this neat pattern right when you walk into the room and not just when you're tucked in for bed. Get the full tutorial here.
2. Make a spring dress
It might sound crazy, but just look at the results! We can't get enough of this flowery dress. It looks like something off the runway! After following this easy DIY here, you probably won't have a hard time convincing your friends it is off the runway!
3. Go for a DIY teepee
This is a DIY the kids can get behind. Not only is this super easy to do, but we guarantee it's also going to keep them entertained for hours. Check out the quick and simple tutorial here.
4. Turn it into the designated beach blanket
If you have an old fitted sheet that isn't comfy anymore or has one too many stains, this is the perfect solution. Use the downside of the fitted sheet as a beach or park blanket that keeps all the dirt, sand and grime out. Stick your bag, cooler and whatever else you have in the sides, and you're good to go.
Expert tip: Sew in pockets along the inside and outside to hold things like toys, water bottles, etc.
5. Use it to keep your plants warm
On frosty nights, cover up your plants with an old fitted sheet. It's an ideal solution for your plants hulled up in planter boxes.
6. Braid it into a dog toy
For those really old sheets, tear them up and braid them into a dog toy. This is sure to keep man's best friend happy -- and you don't have to go out and pay for yet another expensive toy they're bound to chew to shreds anyway.
7. Sew together a dog bed
While we're talking about man's best friend, we might as well tell you the cheapest and easiest way to make a dog bed: out of old sheets! Simply sew the edges together and fill it with foam or stuffing. Your pooches will love their worn-in bed and probably that it smells like you too.
8. Repurpose for reusable grocery bags
Grab your scissors and sewing kit for this easy DIY. While you might be tired of sleeping on those old sheets, that doesn't mean they don't have some life left in them. Repurpose your old sheets by turning them into reusable grocery bags. They're green and fold up to almost nothing so you can easily store them in your purse or car.
9. Weave a rug
Put all your old sheets together and weave together a totally sturdy and surprisingly cute rug. This durable and versatile rug is perfect for the kitchen, mudroom or bathroom.
10. Reuse them as dinner napkins
Cut your sheets up into dinner napkins that you can use for years to come. All you have to do is cut them to the right size and then sew the edges for a nice, clean look. Find the project here.
11. Patchwork a pretty bathrobe
If you have some pretty vintage sheets lying around or sheets that are super soft after years of cradling you to sleep, then why not sew them into a bathrobe? This project is easy and fun, and you get to wear it with the wonderful memories it holds.
12. Make a quilt
Some sheets, like the kid's superhero and princess sheets, are ancient, but you still can't bear to part with them. Instead, quilt those memories together into something new and fun you can cherish for years to come.
13. Make a laundry bag
They were once laundry, but now they'll hold the laundry! Turn those old sheets into a simple but great looking drawstring bag for your home. You won't want to miss this DIY!
14. Turn it into a hammock
Give your old bedsheet new life. You'll soon have a cozy and relaxing hammock to enjoy in the great outdoors -- or just in your backyard.
15. Create cute pajama pants
Make some pajama pants out of old sheets, and you'll find they're as comfy as if you've worn them forever but funky because they're new and thrifty.
16. Turn them into pillow cases
Turn your old sheets into smaller pillowcases. Or use just the good parts to make a pretty trim on your existing pillow cases. It's a free and easy DIY to spruce up the bedroom.
17. Sew a cute apron
Keep your clothes clean and dry by using an old bedsheet as an apron. This DIY requires a little bit of sewing for a fitted and cute end result.
18. Make wall art
That's right! Hang those old sheets right up on the wall. We bet you have some cute patterns lying around. Cut out the best pieces and mount them on the wall with the help of this simple, fun and thrifty DIY project.