16 incredible ways to re-use old picture frames

Do you have old picture frames with no photos to fill them? Don't worry, you will be surprised by the endless possibilities to repurpose a picture frame. Not only is repurposing an old picture frame cheap and easy, you can create cute treasures to decorate your home, and they even make great gifts.
Make what is old new again by transforming your picture frames to unique objects such as mood boards, sunglasses holders, terrariums and much more.
1. Make a serving tray
Get an old picture frame and create it into a serving tray with this simple and easy tutorial by My Sweet Things. What is great about this project is that you can customise the surface of the tray to anything you want. Be it bold colours, floral designs, or abstract patterns - it is totally up to you.
2. Make a chalkboard
Repurpose your old picture frame as a chalkboard. Great for holiday seasons, weddings, and office decor. Check out the easy tutorial here.
3. Create a table organizer
This is a neat way to organize your table in your living room, office, or bedroom. Create this look with this DIY tutorial.
4. Make a message board
This project is a perfect way to display your pictures and important messages that you always seem to lose. Here is the quick and simple tutorial.
5. Create a mood board
We are in love with this mood board! This would look great in your bedroom to inspire you when you're feeling down. Add some fairy lights for that extra cozy feel. Check out the tutorial here.
6. Make a sunglasses holder
Want a creative and practical way to store your sunglasses? Check out this tutorial to transform your old picture frame to a handy sunglasses holder.
7. Reuse as a keyholder
If you're prone to losing your keys, this project is for you. Here is the DIY tutorial.
8. Repurpose as a nail polish holder
Sick of trying to find a particular color in your pile of nail polish stored in a container? Repurpose your old picture frame as a nail polish holder. Add some wooden shelves and start organizing nail polish. Check out some inspiration here.
9. Make shelves
Don't have space for a huge bookshelf? Opt for picture frame wall shelves. Here is the simple and easy DIY tutorial.
10. Create succulent art
Succulents are in right now. Here is an awesome project on how to use an old picture frame to create succulent art. This makes a great addition to your home, as well as making a great gift.
11. Create a hanging planter
How creative is this idea? Display your beloved plants using an old picture frame. Check out the simple tutorial here.
12. Create a framed headboard
Can we just take a minute to awe at this bedroom interior? We love how the colors complement each other, and the headboard is made out of an old picture frame. Wait, how?! It is amazing how an old picture frame can have so many uses once your imagination goes wild. Here is the tutorial on how to repurpose your picture frame into a headboard.
13. Repurpose as a jewelry frame
Want a cute way to display your jewelry? Try repurposing an old picture frame. This shabby chic look is quick, easy, and inexpensive. It takes around 30 minutes to whip up and the results are stunning! Check out the DIY tutorial here.
14. Make a terrarium
How amazing is this idea! This picture frame terrarium would look perfect on your window sill. Here is the easy to follow tutorial.
15. Turn it into chandelier ceiling decor
Here's an idea on how to use an old picture frame as ceiling decor. All you need is some paint to vamp up your frame, and some nails to anchor it to the ceiling. Check out the tutorial here.
16. Make a pedestal table
This pedestal table is so simple and cute. It would make a perfect addition to your home. Check out the tutorial here.
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