12 fantastic ways to reuse an old ironing board

Looking at an old ironing board, you might doubt that you can reuse it. It's just an ironing board, right? Wrong!
Here are 12 amazing DIY tutorials that will turn your old ironing board into a treasure. From planters to pegboards to shelves, old ironing boards can find new uses with these easy, quick tricks.
1. Upcycle as a bookshelf
Instead of buying the usual, boring bookshelf, reuse your old ironing board to display your most treasured book collection. Find more inspiration here.
2. Make a Christmas tree
If you fancy a unique Christmas tree, check out this tutorial to upcycle your old ironing board into this merry holiday decor piece.
3. Create a laundry center
If you need somewhere to store your laundry supplies, this is the project for you. Simply attach metal baskets to the ironing board's metal base, and use them to store soaps, detergents and other supplies.
4. Make a thread organizer
Sewing and quilting enthusiasts can keep thread in order with this quick and simple DIY tutorial.
5. Make a chalkboard sign
From welcome signs to art class signs to wedding signs, this is a fun, out-of-the-ordinary project by the folks at The Rustic Pig.
6. Reuse as a pegboard
Sick of misplacing small items? Out of ideas for where to store them? Check out how organized this ironing-board pegboard is. Check out the full tutorial by HomeTalk.
7. Make a display holder
Beautify the interior of your home with this display holder made from the metal backing of your ironing board. Unique Junktique attaches flower-filled Mason jars to an ironing board, but you can hang just about anything from it. Here's how to recreate this look.
8. Make shelves
Turn an old ironing board or two into wall shelves. All you need are some sturdy brackets. Get the directions here.
9. Repurpose as a nightstand
With its ample space, this nightstand is nothing like the usual, tiny bedside table. This is especially suited to a narrow area. Find out more here.
10. Upcycle as a sofa table
Add a vintage touch to your living room with this upcycled sofa table made from your old ironing board. Here's how.
11. Make a towel rack
With an old ironing board and a few wooden hangers, you can get started on this simple, quick DIY rack. Use it for towels in your bathroom, as a coat rack in the entryway, or for anything else you need to hang.
12. Make a planter
Add some greenery to your home by upcycling your old ironing board into this nifty planter, which can hold multiple pots. Check out the possibilities here.

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