Don't ditch your old clothes. Here are 16 cool ways to upcycle them

At some point, we all outgrow our clothes or our fashion taste changes, so what do we do with our old clothes? Well, either we throw them out or donate them to charity. Hopefully, you're doing the latter.
As an alternative, you can discover many ways to upcycle them. With an old shirt and some creativity, you can turn old into new again. Read our top 16 DIY projects to upcycle old clothes.
1. Turn an old shirt into a chic blouse
With some sewing skills, you can turn a large old shirt into a fashionable blouse. We love the bow tie around the neck which screams "chic." Check out this simple DIY tutorial to recreate the look.
2. DIY T-shirt tie-dye
Always wanted to tie-dye a shirt but was afraid to ruin it? Get an old shirt and learn the methods of this ever-popular technique. If a pile of shirts was headed for the trash, simply use them to experiment with tie-dye. You may even create a beautiful piece for keeps. Get the tutorial here.
3. Turn your old shirt into a headband
Create pretty headbands from old shirts. All you need are the shirts, a glue gun and scissors to create fashionable head pieces. Get the tutorial here.
4. Turn your old shirt into a crop top
Get ready for the summer sunshine by turning an old shirt into a trendy crop top. All you need for this no-sew project is an old shirt and scissors.
5. Create a t-shirt rug
If you have pile of old T-shirts that you don't wear anymore, turn them into a T-shirt rug. This would look cute as a bedside rug or even a statement piece in your living room. Vibrantly colored T-shirts are perfect for this project. Check out the tutorial here.
6. Make a no-sew tote bag from your old t-shirt
Tote bags are meant to be environmentally friendly. Instead of purchasing tote bags, be even more environmentally friendly by upcycling an old T-shirt into a handy tote bag. The best part is that this no-sew project takes only 10 minutes. Get the tutorial here.
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7. DIY camera strap
This one is too cool! Turn your old scarf into a DIY camera strap like the one below.
8. Turn your old sweater into a pair of mittens
Want a pair of mittens for chilly sweater? Get your old sweater out and get crafting! The tutorial by eHow has sewing templates to get you started — and it's all so easy. These mittens make super-nice gifts for your loved ones, as well as a little something cozy for yourself.
9. Upcycle your old sweater into a beret
Who knew you could wear your sweater on your head? This beret is made from an old sweater, and you can recreate this look by following this easy and simple DIY tutorial.
10. Turn your old sweater into a mug cozy
This mug cozy is great for keeping your hot drinks warm and your hands cool. All you need is an old sweater, buttons and thread. This is a perfect project for a coffee and tea addict. Check out the tutorial here.
11. Make a pet dog sweater
Can we just take a moment to "ooh" and "aah" over this adorable pooch in a sweater? Take your dog out for a walk wearing a sweater to keep the pup cozy and fashionable. Make your own sweater for your four-legged friend by following this tutorial.
12. Turn your old sweater into slipper boots
If you have any old sweaters sitting in your wardrobe collecting dust because they're either too small, worn out or out of fashion, why not turn them into a cute pair of slipper boots? Here is the simple DIY tutorial to get you started.
13. Create an apron out of old t-shirts
Refashion an old shirt into this adorable apron with two little pockets. You can customize the patterns and colors in whatever way you like. Follow this tutorial to create your own apron.
14. Sew a baby dress from an old shirt
What a special way to pass down your old shirts to your little bubba. This amazing tutorial by It's Always Autumn will teach you how to turn an old shirt into a cute baby dress.
15. Make denim dog toys
If you're a dog person, this is for you! Turn your old denim into fun toys for your pooch. They will definitely adore you for this. You can create lots of toys from an old pair of denim which will save you time and money from buying them from the pet store. Check out the tutorial here.
16. Make a flannel headband
If you have an old flannel shirt lying around, this is the ideal project. Upcycle your flannel into this trendy headband. We're loving the tartan and checkers. Head over here for the easy tutorial to get you started.

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