Stop tossing out old dresser drawers. Here are 11 nifty ways to re-use them

If you’re like most people, you’ve got a handful of dressers scattered around your house. And chances are at least one of them is looking more shabby than chic. Before you put that dresser on the street corner with a cardboard sign declaring it a free for all, remove the drawers and get your creative juices flowing. That’s right folks; it’s time to get crafty!
We’ve put together a list of DIY projects that are simple and will breathe a little life into your old dresser drawers once again. And if you don’t have any dressers at home you’re willing to part with, thrift stores are a great place to find them. With a little paint and sweat, you’ll have them looking better than new in no time!
1. Sandwich station
This genius kitchen setup from the folks at Curbly will make packing lunches a breeze. An old drawer plus wooden dowels and some bright paint becomes home to plastic wrap, sandwich bags and paper towels. Now the only question is: Peanut butter and jelly or ham and cheese?
2. Doggy bed
If you’ve got a furry friend, why not turn your old drawer into their new bed with this fun project from DIY Show Off. Add some fun cushions, a fresh coat of paint, and voilà — a bed fit for the king (or queen) of your household!
3. Jewelry organizer
Put the “fun” in functional by turning that old drawer into a chic jewelry organizer. Add some cute knobs from which you can hang your necklaces in style. Bonus: No more tangled chains! For a full tutorial, check out Home Depot Blog's guide.
4. Dollhouse
Make your favorite kiddo the cutest dollhouse on the block with the help of this tutorial from Semiproper. Attach two drawers back-to-back, and add some plywood shelves to create different “floors” inside the dollhouse. Have your little one pick out some printed wallpaper, and there you have it — a perfect place for their dolls to play!
5. Planters
Planters are a necessity if you want to fill your home with beautiful plants and flowers, but buying brand-new ones from the store can be expensive. Instead of spending your money on that, why not make your own planters by upcycling old drawers? Get the full tutorial here.
DIY Everywhere
6. Under the bed storage
If your dresser is about to bite the dust but you don’t want to lose that extra storage space, this tutorial has the perfect solution: turn those drawers into under the bed storage containers! You can even attach small wheels to the bottom of the drawers to make accessing them even easier.
7. Coffee table tray
Keep all your magazines tidy in a coffee table tray made from your old dresser drawer. All it needs is a little sprucing up with some sandpaper and stain, and you’ve got yourself a beautiful new addition to your living room. Tip: Add some felt to the bottom of the drawer to prevent scratching your table.
8. Ottoman with storage
Make a statement piece for your living room by turning one of your old drawers into an ottoman with this simple tutorial. Just add some small legs and a cute cushion for a very functional piece of furniture that can multi-task. From storing magazines to serving as an extra seat when you have company, this ottoman is a winner!
DIY Everywhere
9. DIY shelf
Upcycle a $2 thrift store drawer into a rustic, stylish shelf. Use the extra shelf space for a picture frame and your favorite flowers. You can also make it more functional and have it hide less aesthetically pleasing items. Get the full tutorial at Confessions of a Serial DIYer.
10. Bathroom Organizer
If you’re like us and need a bit more organization in your bathroom, try turning an old drawer into a cute toiletry cabinet with this project from The Bold Abode. Add some additional pieces of wood to create more than one shelf. And if you want to get really fancy, add a bold printed wallpaper for a little pizzazz.
11. Towel hangers
If your drawer knobs are just too cute to toss but the entire drawer isn’t exactly salvageable, try turning them into simple hangers with a little inspiration from Design Sponge. Just attach the front part of the drawer to the wall wherever you’re in need of a little hanging space. We think these would be perfect to keep your kitchen towels and aprons dry and easy to access!
Did you find your next DIY project? Share this with your friends who would love to find a way to repurpose their old dresser drawers, too!

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