10 clever crafts for all those Mason jars you've collected

If you've got Mason jars piling up and just don't know what to do with them, you've come to the right place! We've got a list of super creative crafts that'll turn your Mason jars into something useful.
From super handy organizers to beautiful statement pieces, these fun and easy crafts prove once again that Mason jars are pretty darn versatile! So grab all those jars out of storage, let your creativity take over and let's get started!
1. Mason jar light
This shabby chic Mason jar light from All Things Heart and Home is sure to brighten up your porch, living room, nursery, or whatever corner in your house could use a little sparkle! If you’ve got a pile of Mason jars and some Christmas light lying around, you’re already halfway there to creating this unique conversation piece that is functional. We think you could almost call it a "Mason jar chandelier”. What do you think?
2. Fancy tumbler
If iced coffee (or tea!) is a staple in your house, this adorable tumbler is a DIY project you should definitely add to your list. We love the glittery gold “fancy” tumbler that Pretty Providence created, but you could do just about any color and phrase combination your heart desires!
3. Money saving jar
If saving money is one of your goals and you want to do it in style, we’ve got the perfect craft for you! This savings jar from Time with Thea is a much more classy way to collect your extra change than the traditional piggy bank.
4. Nautical Mason jar
If you’re daydreaming of days spent on the beach collecting shells, this fishnet wrapped Mason jar might just transport you to the sea. All you need is a little (well, actually a lot) of twine, a Mason jar and some patience to get started. We think blue Mason jars give this project from It All Started With Paint an extra nautical feel. And your finished product is a perfect place to house the shells you collect when you actually make it to the beach. Now you have a reason to start planning a trip to the ocean!
5. Nightlight
If you’ve got any little ones who are afraid of the dark, this fun project from Mom Dot is a perfect way to keep their room glowing at night. It’ll keep their fears at bay and looks way cooler than a traditional nightlight. Plus, we think this light would also make great luminaries for grownups to enjoy too!
6. Vintage-inspired vase
Turning those Mason jars you have lying around into vases is quite simply the easiest way to transform them into home décor worthy of displaying. This DIY Everywhere tutorial brings you through the steps to paint and distress the jars, because a little imperfection is beautiful! Now you’ve got to get some fresh blooms to fill up your new vases.
7. Mason jar indoor planter
Bold red paint can quickly turn a regular old mason jar into a statement piece. Using a light touch of sandpaper and a sealer, you'll transform the jar into a vintage-inspired indoor planter. Tie it off with a ribbon of twine to complete a rustic look, then place it on your bookcase, mantle or tabletop for an eye-catching accessory. Get the full tutorial here.
8. Dog treat Mason jar
If you’ve got a furry friend in your life, why not make them something with one of those Mason jars you have lying around? A little paint, a Sharpie and a bit of creativity will transform a regular old Mason jar into a super cute doggy treat jar for your favorite canine. Head over to Ka Styles for the full tutorial.
9. Fairy house
Add a little magic to your garden with this adorable fairy house. If you have any little princesses in your household, we think this would be a fun project to do together! This project from Mom Dot is simple and fun.
10. Glitter dipped drinking glasses
How fabulous are these glitter-dipped drinking glasses?! We think people of all ages will enjoy drinking lemonade or cocktails from these fancy cups. They would make a great addition to your everyday glassware or could be made special for a party. Find the step-by-step tutorial from Happy Go Lucky Blog here.
Do you know someone who has a collection of Mason jars sitting around? Share this list with them and maybe they'll even give you a jar for your own crafting!

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