14 superb ways to upcycle screen doors

If you're doing any type of home renovation, chances are you have a lot of materials lying around that you have no clue what to do with. One thing you should definitely not toss out are your old screen doors! We'll show you why.
There are so many creative and easy ways to repurpose them into something totally unique that you'll realize you don't have enough screen doors for all the projects you want to do. You might even catch yourself checking yard sales and flea markets for these gems from now on!
1. Build it yourself and paint it
Believe it or not, a screen actually makes a super interesting material to paint on. It sounds trickier than it actually is, but luckily, this tutorial from Kaleidoscope Living walks you right through the steps to creating your own painted screen door! The end result is prettier and more sturdy than store-bought versions.
2. Hanging basket holder
Breathe some new life into an old door by tearing out the screen, giving it a fresh coat of paint (or embracing the rustic look) and using it as a unique place to display a hanging basket of summer blooms. Come fall, you could change it up and hang dried gourds or an arrangement of pine cones; and in winter, hang a festive wreath!
3. Put it in the pantry
Give your old screen door a fresh coat of paint and use it as an eye-catching barrier to your pantry.
4. Chicken wire display
Replace the screen with chicken wire and voilà ⁠— you've got yourself a unique way to display pictures, quote boards and wreaths. Find the full tutorial at Down to Earth Style.
5. Spruce it up
Instead of repurposing your screen door or tossing it out completely, try giving it a little facelift. This tutorial from Red Cottage Chronicles shows you exactly how to create a DIY fancy "chippendale" screen door for less than $30.
6. Build a chicken coop
Got chickens? Then build them a chicken coop that's both functional and beautiful by following this guide from Gardenista. This DIY project uses an old screen door and is cuter than any chicken coop we've ever seen!
7. Bookshelf
Who would have thought to turn an old screen door into a bookshelf? Not us! But it looks so good that we're temped to give it a try! Get the full tutorial at My Repurposed Life.
8. Porch divider
An old screen door makes a perfect divider for a long porch and gives the illusion of having a separate "sitting room". ​
9. Wrapping paper holder
Pop out the screen, install a few hooks and you've got yourself a perfect wrapping paper holder for your craft room!
10. Organization station
Diva of DIY came up with a genius way to transform an old screen door into a family "organization station" ⁠— complete with a bulletin board, a chalkboard and more. Lucky for us, she's sharing just how she did it!
11. Headboard
An interesting looking screen door can actually make a super unique headboard. Down to Earth Style shares how she took a door from her and her husband's previous house and turned it into a headboard for a sentimental reminder of the home they used to live in.
12. Trellis
A screen door naturally makes a great trellis and is a cool visual addition to your garden.
13. Accessory organizer
Hang earrings, necklaces and hats from a repurposed screen door for a unique jewelry organizer.
14. Divider or privacy screen
If you have a few old screen doors lying around, attach them together to create a trifold divider. You could even install lace or lightweight fabric to turn it into a vintage-inspired privacy screen for an entirely new look!

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