13 astonishing ideas to transform your yard into a relaxing haven

Is your backyard looking kind of blah? Well, you're in luck because we've rounded up 13 seriously amazing ideas that can turn any backyard into an absolute oasis.
These projects will inspire you to turn your backyard into a place you actually want to hang out and everybody else will, too! The only problem is that your friends and neighbors may never want to leave!
1. DIY Tiki bar
Bring the party to your house by building a tiki bar in your backyard. Your place will be the go-to gathering spot from now on. Hope that's okay!
2. Build a beach
Instead of going on vacation to the coast, bring the beach to you! This tutorial from Sunset shows you exactly how you can build a beach in your own backyard for less than $200!
3. Sunken fire pit
Fire pits are the key ingredient to any epic backyard. We love the idea of sinking it into the ground and surrounding it with river rocks to create a super cozy and rustic gathering space.
4. Bunk bed loft
If your kiddos have outgrown their bunkbed, bring it outside for the perfect hangout spot. Add a fresh coat of paint, some pillows, candles and you'll have a new favorite spot to stargaze!
5. Beautify your privacy fence
A wooden privacy fence can help create a cozy space even in the tiniest of yards. Add some cafe lights, a cute rug and some potted plants for your ultimate backyard oasis.
6. Outdoor kitchen
Bring your entertaining game to a whole new level by building a kitchen outdoors. This will allow enjoy the sunshine with your guests as you prepare food.
7. Teepee
Make your childhood dreams come true and erect a teepee in your backyard for a shady reading spot.
8. Giant hammock bed
Hammocks are the ultimate way to relax, but instead of the traditional design that holds one person, make a giant hammock bed for a perfect place to lounge on lazy afternoons. Bonus points for adding a zen pond next to the hammock, like in the picture below.
9. Outdoor movie theater
With a little DIY magic, you can turn your backyard into a movie theater. Don't forget the popcorn!
10. Light it up
There's nothing that adds to ambiance quite like the right lighting. String lots of lights from a large tree and create a sitting area beneath the branches for a backyard so dreamy you'll never want to leave.
11. Gazebo
We imagine this breezy gazebo to be the perfect place to relax in rain or shine. Bring a book and watch the afternoon pass by.
12. Circular patio
Instead of opting for a traditional rectangular patio, go round! It creates a much more intimate space for hanging out with friends and family.
13. Table for big gatherings
We're loving this long and low table complete with blankets and pillows for an outdoor gathering all your friends will remember. Heck, this table setup is so stunning you could even eat your everyday family dinners here!
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