Cheese graters aren't just for cheese. Here are 10 wonderful ways to repurpose them

Behold, all lactose-intolerant craftaholics: Cheese graters can be used for more than just shredding dairy into tiny pieces!
These crafts take cheese graters to a whole new level. Whether you have an old cheese grater lying around or you're always game for a flea market trip, these projects will prove how versatile this kitchen utensil can be!
1. Jewelry holder
Who would've thought that a cheese grater would actually be a perfect earring holder? Those holes make it perfect for holding your favorite gems, and Turning the Clock Back has put together instructions for you to make your very own cute cheese grater earring holder.
2. Rustic vase
This adorably simple vase can be made in a matter of minutes. Just turn a vintage cheese grater upside down and mount it to the wall. Now fill it with the flowers of your choosing! Bonus points for adding a twine bow. Check out how it works in the video below.
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3. Recipe holder
Why didn't we think of this genius way to hold our recipes? A cheese grater actually makes a perfect base for pinning your recipe cards where you can see them. All you really need is a clothespin. Get the full tutorial here.
4. Wind chime
Betcha never would have thought of transforming an old cheese grater into a wind chime! We wouldn't have either, but Thrifty Rebel Vintage put together a tutorial that walks you through exactly how to do it.
5. Cheese grater chandelier
Need some more lighting in your kitchen? Why not make a cheese grater chandelier for a unique twist? This simple update will be the focal point of any kitchen. Get the full tutorial here.
6. Cheese grater organizer
This cheese grater turned easel has us cheesin'! Too corny? Sorry! Would you forgive us if we showed you where you could get the tutorial for this fun craft? Organized Clutter walks you through all the steps to making your very own kitchen organizer.
7. Holiday centerpiece
Cheese graters can turn an average centerpiece into something spectacular. Simply place a cheese grater over a candle that's already been styled in your centerpiece, and you've got really interesting lighting. You can do this for any holiday. While pinecones and berries look beautiful come winter, try Hawaiian leis and a pineapple for a summertime party.
8. Colored pencil holder
If your kids are as crafty as you, they likely have a bucket full of colored pencils. Keep them all together and in a quirky-cool container — yes, we're talking about a cheese grater, of course! Get the full tutorial here.
9. Birdhouse
This cheese grater turned birdhouse gives us inspiration for our next project. With a little know-how and a lot of creativity, you too can have your very own cheese grater birdhouse.
10. Utensil organizer
We love the idea of using an old cheese grater as a utensil organizer. This adds a little country chic to your kitchen space, while also serving a purpose. Get the full tutorial here.
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