Forget tossing out empty juice cartons. Here are 14 ways to use them instead

It's trash night and you're cleaning out the fridge⁠—but when you reach for the juice carton, think twice. This simple cardboard container can actually do you a lot of good around the house.
You might not have the vision for it, but do-it-yourselfers, crafters and bloggers across the web have thought of some pretty genius ways to reuse this simple household item.
And don't worry⁠—this list is for adults. We know there are lots of crafts out there for the kids reusing this kind of stuff. Everything on this list is something you can use in everyday life or around the house. So, check it out!
1. Birdfeeder
In a short time and with a little imagination you can turn that old carton into a cute little bird feeder. Get the kids involved and have them decorate the outside, too! Get the tutorial here.
2. Snack boxes
This is an awesome way to repurpose something you were just going to throw away anyways. And, you might be able to get a few uses out of it. This is great for the kid's lunch boxes (and your own, too). Get the tutorial at Red Ted Art.
3. A recycled wallet
This might sound a little crazy, but this do-it-yourself project is actually pretty cool. And if it's not totally your style, the kids will definitely think it's fun! Get the tutorial at Handimania.
4. Food organizers
Decorate your old cartons, label them and use them to store everything from sugar to rice, salt, flour, and more. Get the tutorial at Sewlicious Home Decor.
5. Make it a mason jar top
If you're like everyone else, you want to use mason jars for just about everything. But, it's not always practical. Luckily, our blogger friend Jillee at One Good Thing By Jillee has figured out the ultimate mason jar hack. Check it out.
6. Giant ice cube maker
Clean out your old juice carton well then fill it up with water. Toss it in the freezer then use it in your cooler, to keep things cold during long road trips or even in a bucket with drinks for a party.
7. Door stopper
Fill the top with pebbles or sand then use it as a door stopper or weight around the house. Paint it the same color as your door, or something fun with a pattern so that it fits in with your decor.
8. Planters
An old juice carton is a great place to start your seedlings. You can keep them contained in the home where you can keep an eye on them until they're ready to go outside. They're also great for showing the kids how to garden. Get the tutorial here.
9. Coaster
Cut up your old juice carton into strips then weave them together to create this sturdy, colorful, and pretty cute coaster. They look like an upcycled craft you'd buy in a store, but lucky for you, you'll have made it at a fraction of the cost. Get the tutorial here.
10. Pencil holder
Keep all your crafts, pens, pencils, and paintbrushes in order with the help of some revamped juice cartons. Simply paint them in your favorite color, or with a cool design like these, and you're good to go. Get the tutorial here.
11. Encouragement sailboats
Turn some empty juice cartons into encouragement sailboats. Write your favorite quote and fill with your favorite treats. This makes the perfect gift for a family or friend who is down. Get the tutorial at Hostess with the Mostess.
12. Lanterns
Looking to spruce up your patio this year? Grab some old juice cartons, make some cut outs into them and paint them as well, then you can stick them on top of your fairy lights. This DIY is both clever and cute. Get the tutorial here.
13. Bag
Unless someone told you, you would probably never guess that this bag was made from old juice cartons. This one has been covered in a pretty paper to make this awesome pattern, but you can leave it in its natural packaging for a funky eco-chic look too. Get the tutorial here.
14. Paint holder
Next time you have a painting project⁠—big or small⁠—cut the top off of your carton and fill it up with paint. It's easy to carry around as you paint and it holds a lot. Get the tutorial here.

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