Don't toss out old baby wipes containers. Here are 13 nifty ways to reuse them

Having a baby in the house often leads to an accumulation of “stuff” — toys, diapers, bottles, clothes. At what point do you decide what to throw out versus what can still be used? One item that most parents throw in the trash pile is the empty baby wipes container. After all, once you've used all the wipes, why keep the container? It just takes up space.
As many parents are discovering, baby wipes containers can be reused in a variety of ways. Need a storage unit that doesn’t fill too much closet space? Want a unique, cost-effective toy box that your kids can bring in the car? Have a kid who could benefit from sensory activities, but don’t want to spend a small fortune? You can solve all of these problems and more by repurposing your old baby wipes containers.
1. Crayon storage
If you’re tired of finding crayons, markers, glue sticks and other art supplies scattered throughout the house, try this storage idea. Baby wipes containers are the perfect size to store almost any art supplies without taking up too much space on the shelf. For added aesthetic appeal, you or your kids can decorate the containers before storing the supplies inside.
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2. Drawer organization
Most kids have more socks and underwear than they’ll ever have time to wear, which leads to overstuffed drawers. To cut down on wasted space and to prevent mismatched socks, you can put old wipes containers in your children's dresser drawers, and then sort their clothes into the containers.
3. Lego travel kit
Have you ever tried to dig a box's worth of Legos out of the crevices of your car seats? It’s not fun. But you also know that Legos are a sure-fire way to keep your kid entertained on long trips. Instead of choosing between leaving the Legos at home and spending hours on Lego rescue missions at every rest stop, try this idea for creating a Lego travel kit. This kit allows your kid to design masterpieces without losing the blocks all over the backseat.
4. First-aid kit
Another must-have for the car is a small first-aid kit, packed with the essentials. Depending on your family’s needs, this kit can include everything from bandages and Tylenol to specific prescriptions and an EpiPen. You can swap items out depending on the season to make sure you always have sunscreen on hand in the summer and allergy medicine in the spring. An additional perk to this kit is that it can be used as a makeshift puke bucket in a pinch.
5. Peek-a-boo house
If your kids are at the age where they want to open and close all of the cabinets in your house, but you want to protect their fingers, this game makes a perfect substitute. It also gives you the chance to display some of your favorite pictures while giving your kids the opportunity to learn to recognize themselves and other family members by sight. Old travel wipes containers work best for this craft, and you can include as many as you want, depending on how large you want to make your board.
6. Alphabet monster
Are your kids ready to learn the alphabet but don’t want to sit in one place and watch you shuffle through ABC flashcards? This alphabet monster is the perfect way to teach kids to recognize their letters while also giving them something to do with their hands. Let your kids help you design their monsters to add to the fun.
7. "Unplugged" laptops
In today’s world, most kids are better versed in the use of iPhones and computers than their parents are. But there’s a way to engage your children with their own version of “technology” that doesn’t involve any screen time. This tutorial shows how to use a travel wipes container to create a laptop for your kids that can feature everything from family pictures to simple reading worksheets.
8. Sensory toys
Have you ever seen what happens when a baby grabs onto the Kleenex sticking out of the top of a tissue box? This sensory toy made from an old wipes container presents the same temptation, but without the mess. By layering various types of fabric inside the container, you can make a toy that will keep your baby occupied while also improving hand-eye coordination.
9. Traveling toy boxes
For an excellent way to keep your kids from getting bored on long car or plane rides, check out these ideas for turning empty wipes containers into traveling toy boxes. They’ll keep the kids occupied and help minimize the amount of cleanup when you arrive at your destination. You can customize each box with a specific toy theme for each kid, or combine toys for more of a free-for-all vibe.
10. Treasure box
Parents and teachers alike can benefit from transforming old baby wipes containers into treasure boxes. They can be used to store rewards for good behavior, assignment completion or any other activities that require additional incentive. In addition to serving a functional purpose, they’re also aesthetically pleasing and can be spray-painted to match the color scheme of any room.
11. Portable planters
Do you have a green thumb, but not enough of a yard to show off your talents? These portable planters are the perfect size to grow a variety of plants and flowers in a limited amount of space. In this case, preparing the wipes containers takes a little more effort and money than just adding some decorations to the outside, but the end result is worth all the work.
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12. Diaper-changing kit
If your diaper bag is starting to resemble a traveling playroom, this wipes-container repurposing is exactly what you need. By keeping all of your diaper-changing necessities in one convenient location, you won’t have to worry about digging through your whole bag every time you need a new diaper, a wipe or a dollop of diaper rash cream.
13. Fairy doors
If your planters, trees or fence slats are starting to look a little drab, give your kids some old travel wipes containers and let them create their own fairy doors to decorate the garden. These doors double as a sensory activity and a fun way for your kids to let their imaginations run free.
So next time you add “baby wipes” to the grocery list, don’t throw away the old container. Instead, repurpose it using one of these fun ideas. And if you know of any parents who would enjoy trying these crafts with their kids, make sure you share this article with them!
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