Next time you're at the store, grab some mason jars so you can try these 9 nifty ideas

There is something about a mason jar that brings on a nostalgic feeling. They make you think of simple summer days, country life and homemade goodness. Even though they were created for canning food, you can actually use them in many home décor projects.
Mason jars are an increasingly popular home decor item. They can be integrated into almost every room of your home. These mason jar projects will inspire you to stop canning and start crafting.
1. Painted and distressed rustic mason jar
Create a solid color on a painted mason jar. If you want to distress it, simply use a bit of sandpaper to remove the paint from the raised surface. Once complete, these jars can be used as vases or storage. Get the full tutorial here.
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2. Frosted mason jar
It doesn't take much to give a mason jar a makeover. This tutorial will show you how to do it using little more than some paint and some ribbon. These frosted jars work well as a flower vase as well as a chic storage solution.
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3. Mason jar soap dispenser
One way to beautify your home is to take everyday items and give them a makeover, and this DIY mason jar soap dispenser does just that. The dispenser is a stunning way to dress up a bathroom without adding unnecessary clutter. For a more understated look, opt to leave off the rocks from the lid. Get the full tutorial here.
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4. Mason jar wall decor
This mason jar wall decor idea is very customizable. Although the seashells give off relaxing and beachy vibes, the jars could be filled with different items such as flowers or candles. Pro tip: Consider wearing gloves when working with the wire. Once cut, the ends can be sharper than they look. Get the full tutorial here.
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5. Stained glass mason jars
Why spends tons of money shopping at specialty retail stores for your home goods when you can make your own versions for next to nothing? Next time you are looking for a creative way to display a bouquet, don't reach for Pottery Barn items. Instead, make your own! For this staining technique, follow the step-by-step tutorial here.
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6. Mason jar light
Upcycle an old mason jar into a light fixture. This one is perfect for a bathroom, hallway, or reading nook. For the full step-by-step tutorial, click here.
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7. Mason jar bird feeder
This project is easy enough to make with your kids, and I bet your whole family will enjoy spotting the birds that fly into your yard once they discover the new feeder. Follow the tutorial to learn how to make your own.
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8. Hanging mason jar planter
You can plant anything you wish inside of a mason jar planter. However, the succulent is an ideal choice. You can use them to make your own little terrarium, hanging it in the backyard where it will get all of the sun that it needs. The natural look of the macrame twine adds to the garden instead of drawing attention to itself. Get the full tutorial here.
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9. Pine cone mason jar
No snow this year? Not a problem. Bring indoors the feel of a chilly winter with this eye-catching pine cone project. All it takes is a little chalk paint, twine, a jar and fake holly berries to emulate a snowy day. Use real or faux pine cones, and make sure the paint is chalk paint. Get the full tutorial here.
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These simple mason jar projects are an inexpensive way to bring a vintage décor piece into your home. Share how you did it with your friends and family on Facebook!

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