Beer bottles may seem dull. See 12 awesome ways to upcycle them instead

It's easy to take out the recycling at the end of the week and be overwhelmed by the quantity of glass bottles you've collected. Whether you have a lot of roommates, just had a party, or simply an avid beer drinker, those small glass bottles can take up a lot of space in a recycling bin.
Before you lug all those bottles down to the curb, try out some of these crafty ways to upcycle them instead. These fun ideas range from perfect party decorations to long lasting home accents. They might even make you want to drink more beer so you can try all of these projects.
1. Beer bottle glasses
We've all heard of mason jar glasses. Well, the next hip thing in the DIY world is these minimally cool beer bottle glasses. See a step-by-step tutorial here.
2. Candle holder
Once you've learned how to cut glass in the previous tutorial, you can cut your bottles just a little shorter and have these adorable candle holders. We love how Practically Functional added a little Irish spin on these.
3. Flower vases
Who knew beer bottles could look so pretty? Grab your favorite color spray paint, jewels, and some flowers and you can create these gorgeous vases for your next event. Learn more at Brit + CO.
4. Table number
If you're planning a low-key, outdoor wedding than this project is for you. Add a DIY, bohemian look to your wedding or event by reusing beer bottles as your table numbers. See how it's done by visiting Rock My Wedding.
5. Bottle lights
Forget about stringing regular Christmas lights through your apartment. Take it to the next level by adding some bottles to your next string of lights. This method by Paper Angels Vlog would look great indoors and out.
6. Bottle Lamp
Light up your garage or art studio with this awesome beer bottle lamp. Better yet, use it for the ultimate lighting for a basement bar. The full tutorial can be found here.
7. Salt and pepper shakers
You've probably seen these handy salt and pepper shakers at Mexican restaurants before and have always wanted some for your own home. Look no further than S Pres Oh blog to learn how to make some of your own.
8. Glass patio wall
Beer and wine bottles are perfect accessories to any garden. They can hold water for your plants, sparkle and glisten in the sun, and even make for beautiful wind chimes. This amazing glass patio wall is a creation of Upcycled Garden Style. Check out their blog for more garden inspiration.
9. Beer bottle tiki torches
No outdoor event is complete without beer. You know what else an outdoor party is incomplete without? Tiki torches. Combine these two things and you will have yourself some irreplaceable outdoor lighting which also keeps the bugs away. Visit Unsophisticook for the full instructions.
10. Shot glass
Why stop drinking after you finish the beer? Recycle that old bottle, turn it into a shot glass, and keep the party going. Visit Recyclart to learn more about this fun little project.
11. DIY beer bottle ring toss
Ring toss isn't just for carnivals and kids parties, make your own DIY version by visiting Mom Mart. This project is pure fun for any age group.
12. Bottle chandelier
While this project is similar to #5 and #6, it takes bottle lighting to a whole new level. Although it is made with cheap materials, this glass bottle chandelier by Sunshine and Whiskey will look great in even the most sophisticated of dining rooms.
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