Think twice before passing off newspaper. Check out 12 wonderful ways to salvage them instead

Do you love reading the news in hard copy but hate wasting paper? Being sustainable is such a huge issue nowadays that most people are switching to digital newspapers and magazines. But if you can't stand staring at a screen for your news, recycling your daily paper is something you got to do.
After you read this list of creative ways to recycle your old newspapers, you will never toss them out again. Paper is incredibly versatile and can be used in craft projects a number of different ways. Whether you need materials for kid activities or home decorations, you are bound to find some inspiration here.
1. Paper roses
These elegant paper roses by 100 Layer Cake are a great way to both recycle your newspapers and save money on flowers. If you are looking for a non-traditional approach to a wedding, this would be a bold and beautiful way to do things.
2. Basket
Instead of throwing newspaper away, you can turn it into something you can use every day! This intricate basket is a great example of how you can transform a huge stack of papers into a small, utilitarian object.
3. Star ornament
A newspaper is a great material for decorations. Next Christmas, save yourself some money on new ornaments by making some of your own. This would be a super fun family activity to do with the kids.
4. Raccoon kids craft
Another great way to entertain the kids is using newspaper in crafts both in the classroom and at home. Have them cut the paper into basic shapes and compose them into cute animals like this raccoon by I Heart Crafty Things.
5. Letters
Who said newspaper had to look worn down? When you roll up small pieces into tubes, you can make practically anything with them. Cut out your favorite shapes or letters such as this one and use them as hanging wall decorations.
6. Newspaper dresser
This project is a little larger in scale, but wow, it is impressive. If you have an old dresser that needs some revamping, try decorating it with large sheets of newspaper for a very cool, artistic look.
7. Lamp
This hanging lamp made out of newspaper would be the perfect addition to your kid's bedroom or classroom. Hang it next to a bookshelf and it will make for the ideal book nook.
8. Box
Origami is a fun and mind-challenging activity for kids and adults alike. Try some simple folding exercises like this box. When you're done, it can be used for toys, magazines, or even your craft supplies.
9. Gift bags
Throwing a party can be expensive in and of itself, let alone getting together party favors for your guests. Next time, save some money on gift bags by creating these adorable bags out of newspaper and doilies.
10. Pots
These eco-friendly containers will be great for those with a green thumb. The best part is they are made from newspaper and are way better for the environment than plastic containers you could buy in the garden section at Walmart.
11. Garbage pale liners
If you're trying to eliminate plastic from your life but don't know how you can live without garbage bags, this is the tutorial for you. Learn how to make garbage pail liners out of newspaper and never have to choose plastic again.
12. Rose frame
If you're planning on hanging some family photos, opt for this gorgeous rose frame. All you need is a photo frame, some glue, and a lot of newspaper. This would be perfect for framing those romantic wedding shots.
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