Think twice before passing off plastic bags. See 10 awesome ways to revamp them instead

Plastic grocery bags are useful for more than just lining your bathroom waste baskets. This seemingly ugly material can actually be used to create beautiful things, so before you toss them out, think again.
Most of the projects on this list are so well crafted, it's hard to tell that they were made out of such a cheap material. With more and more people choosing to give up plastic (bags, containers, straws), it's definitely a good idea to find some creative solutions before tossing reusable goods into the trash.
1. Pendant light
The 3 Rs Blog stands for three things: Reduce, Reuse, Redecorate! One of her amazing projects is this pendant light made solely out of plastic bags. She chose to use black and white bags, but this project would look fabulous with any colors.
2. Valentine's Day wreath
You don't have to spend a lot of money to let your special someone know you care about them on Valentine's Day. This adorable wreath can be made out of things you have lying around your house and will only take minutes to make.
3. Baskets
If you need a place to store all your extra plastic bags, why not make a storage basket OUT of your plastic bags? This project is simply genius and will save a lot of room in your recycling bin.
4. Plarn
Plarn is otherwise known as plastic yarn, and it's the new best way to knit or crochet fashionable and sustainable pieces for your home. Live About has come up with a step-by-step tutorial on how to make your own creations.
5. Plastic bag braided bracelet
With proper supervision, this is a super fun project for kids (remember to keep plastic bags away from babies and toddlers). Make It Easy Crafts has figured out a way to make bold and colorful braided accessories with just a couple of materials.
6. Hand basket
This beautiful hand basket by Lucky Lady Bird Craft is made solely out of plastic bags. While it might take some time to make, it will definitely be worth it. This basket is ideal for grocery shopping, berry picking or for use as a beach bag.
7. Weaving loom
If you've always wanted to learn how to weave but have never been able to purchase your own loom, have no fear. You can make your own loom and learn to weave with household materials such as plastic bags and cardboard.
8. Plarn Coasters
Once you learn how to make "plarn" in project #3 on this list, you can use it for as many different projects as your knitting skills allow. A simple first project would be these cool plastic bag coasters.
9. Candy wrapper woven purse
Grocery bags aren't the only plastic bags that can be reused and recycled. You can also transform old candy wrappers into wearable objects such as this candy wrapper purse by Doodle Craft Blog. This would be a fun project to attempt after Halloween.
10. Plastic bag jump rope (h/t Paint Covered Kids)
Who knew you could create valuable exercise equipment with only plastic bags and tape? The kids will love making their own jump ropes and being able to use them at recess.
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