Place three sticks in a bucket of cement to make a beautiful piece for your home

Cement is usually grey and dull, but it doesn't have to be! With a little bit of creativity, cement can be transformed into an incredible number of beautiful and functional things to decorate your home or give as gifts.
Get ready to head to the hardware store and mix some cement, because you're going to want to make more than one of these awesome projects!
1. Simple stool (h/t L'astucerie)
Can you believe that this stool was made from nothing but a bucket of cement and a few sticks? It might be the most inexpensive stool you could possibly make, and it's so cute!
2. Lace imprint votive holder (h/t Say Yes)
Lace and cement are an unlikely duo, but the combination works perfectly here! It was made with lace sticker take, but if you can't find that, you could try using a doily or even a piece of an old lace tablecloth or curtain.
3. Jewelry holder (h/t Land Of Nams)
I always love having cute places to store my jewelry, and I fell in love with this metallic cement ring bowl the moment I saw it! It's incredibly easy to make, and it doesn't matter if it looks a little bit unfinished. In fact, it adds to the charm!
4. Photo frames
These industrial-looking photo frames are surprisingly chic, and you're not likely to see anything else like them! As long as you have a piece of glass to fit inside the frame, you could make it any shape or size you like.
5. Cheese board
All sorts of cheese boards are available these days, but this cement one has a special charm. You'll probably want to seal the board with food-safe sealant before using it, but it's quite an easy project to tackle!
6. Modular wall planter (h/t A Piece Of Rainbow)
Geometric designs are a lot of fun to play with, and these modular planters can be arranged in almost any pattern your heart desires. These pots are best suited to succulents if you want to hang them vertically, but they could work for any plant if you set them on a flat surface!
7. Coasters (h/t By Brittany Goldwyn)
It's hard to imagine that something made of concrete could look elegant, but these cement coasters are a real game changer! These could be left plain if you like the industrial look, but they could also easily be painted to match your decor.
8. Fridge magnets (h/t At Home In Love)
Silicon ice cube trays are great for all sorts of crafts and DIY projects, but I would have never thought to use them with cement! You can buy these molds in almost every shape imaginable, and these magnets truly are a cinch to make.
9. Lacey bookends (h/t Brit+Co)
Instead of using lace to leave an imprint in your cement, you can use it as a stencil and spray paint over it! These bookends are the perfect combination of tough and girly, and you could use the same technique on everything from candle holders to cement coasters.
10. Metallic paperweights (h/t Monsters Circus)
Paperweights aren't as popular as they were in days gone by, but these metallic concrete paperweights are too cute not to use! These were also made in a silicon ice cube tray, so you could easily make a whole bunch at once to give as gifts.
11. Cement planters (h/t Ruffled)
Don't bother spending money on cute plant pots at the store when you can make your own with nothing but some cement and a bit of metallic paint! I especially love the metallic geometric shapes; they go so well with the cement!
12. Table numbers (h/t Love And Lavender)
These are the perfect table numbers for your next special event, especially if it's outdoors. However, the numbers could be reused for so many other purposes as well! I can even see using them to replace my current house numbers.
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