This DIY proves that you can stencil on just about anything

Stencils allow you to easily add words to just about any object or even item of clothing. Instead of freehanding designs, stencils keep things looking professional, and you'll find fun ways to customize just about anything in your home.
Stenciling gives you the chance to create custom gifts which are perfect for holidays or housewarming. Easy to use and affordable to create with, stencils are a great crafting tool for beginners, too.
1. DIY cake dome (h/t Studio DIY)
Why put your prettiest cake underneath a drab, boring cake dome when you can stencil something cute instead? Turn any glass dome into something eye-catching with this easy tutorial and a bit of bright spray paint.
2. Mandala table (h/t Live From Julie's House)
Transform a table with a beautiful, bohemian-inspired Mandala design. All you need is some paint and a stencil and you can create something that looks expensive, chic, and shabby, making it the perfect addition to a rustic and cozy space.
3. T-shirt stencils (h/t Pretty Providence)
Add cute expressions and exclamations on cotton T-shirts with stencils. Freezer paper makes an inventive and creative stencil, and you may find that this DIY is so fun and easy you can use it to add lettering or designs to everything else, including tote bags or jackets.
4. Chevron lampshade (h/t The Kim Six Fix)
Create a designer lampshade using tape as a stencil. These shades may sell for high amounts at decor stores, but all you need is a plain lampshade and you can stencil any design you like to create a unique and custom shade that stands out.
5. Burlap pillow (h/t Domestically Speaking)
Perfect for the holidays, a stenciled toss pillow livens up a couch or chair, and although this tutorial is for a Christmas pillow, you can adapt it for any holiday or season and craft a cute pillow that may become a permanent part of your decor.
6. Crafty rug (h/t Cutting Edge Stencils)
Make your own rug using a basic sisal design along with the paint and stencils of your choice. This DIY is for a nautical-themed rug which accents any patio area perfectly, but you can use the basic idea to make the rug of your dreams and jazz up your entryway, kitchen, or living room with bold and fun to use chalk powder.
7. Wall stencils (h/t Silly Pearl)
Wallpaper is so time-consuming, and it can be messy, too. If you want to create an accent wall, using stencils is easy and quick. You can stencil a section of a wall for an artistic look, or do a whole wall in place of using paint or wallpaper. Pick stencils that appeal to your aesthetics.
8. Leaf mirror (h/t Martha Stewart)
Delicate and pretty, this leaf-stenciled mirror is a hit when hung on any wall or placed above a vanity. A gold frame makes the mirror even more stunning, and it's definitely a conversation piece. What a cool way to use stencils!
9. Staircase stencils (h/t Lowe's)
Create a colorful staircase using stencils and bright paint. This inventive look adds pizzazz to a boring staircase and becomes a centerpiece of your home. You don't have to be a stencil expert to accomplish this; it's a day project anyone can tackle and the results are amazing!
10. Stenciled drapes (h/t Balancing Home)
Living room in desperate need of a makeover? Believe it or not, drapes can make a difference. Make your room pop with patterned drapes you stencil yourself. Using a stencil roller to cover more ground in an efficient way, this DIY makes custom designer drapes fit into your budget with ease.

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