You might think it's crazy, but hanging a door like this is actually smart

Doors are usually for one thing only: entering and exiting a room or a house. Once they've outlived this purpose or been replaced with a new door, they often get sent straight to the garbage where they sit without any purpose. This is a real shame, because even the simplest door has a ton of DIY potential.
If you have an old door hiding in your garage waiting for you bring it to the dump, don't. Instead, use it to make one of these DIY projects instead.
1. Hall tree
A hall tree can do wonders for your entryway, but a new one can be expensive. Instead, find an old door and make your own. Not only is it a fun project, but you can make sure it has as much storage as you need.
2. Coffee table with storage (h/t My (re)Purposed Life)
If you have an old door that's been damaged on one end, reuse the half that's still in good shape to make this coffee table. Coffee-table storage is always useful, but if you don't need it, simply skip the hinges.
3. Porch swing (h/t Huckleberry Lane Furniture)
Can you see yourself relaxing on this adorable swing after a long, busy day? The seat of this swing was made from an old table, but you could just as easily use wood from the hardware store.
4. Outdoor bar
Outdoor bars are perfect for summer, and this one has more than enough space for all your drink-making equipment. It's also a fairly easy project to tackle, even if you're a woodworking beginner.
5. Hanging table (h/t Green Wedding Shoes)
This is such a cool twist on a traditional picnic table, and setting it up is easier than building one from scratch. It would work well if you just need some temporary outdoor seating, but you might like it so much that you keep it in your yard all year.
6. Laundry-folding table (h/t Tim Franklin)
The laundry room never seems to have enough counter space to fold clothes, and this table would solve that problem for good. Bonus: It folds away unobtrusively when not in use.
7. Illuminated photo display (h/t Redhead Can Decorate)
This illuminated display is so eye-catching as a change from a traditional photo wall. Finding an old door with this many windows might be tricky; you also could create a similar, smaller display with an old window.
8. Giant chalkboard (h/t Donation 2 Decor)
This might just be the perfect memo board. Not only does it have a chalkboard space for every day of the week, but all the chalkboards are magnetic so that you can hang important papers up where they're easy to see.
9. Corner shelf (h/t Craftaholics Anonymous)
This corner shelf looks like an optical illusion, but it's really just a clever bit of woodworking. The shelves aren't big enough to serve as useful storage, but this piece would turn any corner into a focal point for accent pieces.
10. Outdoor planter rack (h/t Censensational Style)
If you're not very comfortable working with power tools, this is the project for you. This planter was made to go outside, but it's so cute that you might want to keep it inside.
11. Entryway bench (h/t Friendly Home)
Replace that old chair by your front door with this gorgeous entryway bench. Simple yet elegant, it has plenty of storage for jackets, plus a handy little drawer under the bench.
12. Bar with sliding door (h/t Design Sponge)
What a cool way to keep alcohol out of sight but still accessible! This bar was made with an old horse-stall door, but almost any door would work. Don't be afraid to experiment.
13. Bookshelf (h/t Bulb To Blossom)
If cutting a door in half to create a corner shelf seems too difficult, get a similar look by simply attaching some shelves to the front of an old door. The built-in light at the top adds a useful element and punches up the design.
14. Nightstand
Can you believe that this sweet little nightstand was made from an old door and a couple pieces of picket fencing? It brings a whole new meaning to "white picket fence."
15. Coffee table (h/t eHow)
The best coffee tables are unique and original. Look at this beauty made from an old door — a showstopper in any living room.
This rustic headboard would bring charm to any bedroom. The best part: It doesn't cost much. All you need is an old door and some lumber. You might even be able to repurpose some old lumber for this.
17. Leaning shelf (h/t Builders Surplus)
Make a cool leaning shelf out of a five-panel door. Most of the materials needed are right in the door itself. This is one of those projects that makes the most out of its materials.
18. Kitchen island from old closet doors (h/t Shabby DIY)
This kitchen island made with closet doors would be a gorgeous addition to any home.
19. Garden planter shelf (h/t DecoArt Painter)
Transform an old door into a place for potted plants. This would look great inside or out. It looks like a big project, but it's actually quite simple.
20. Door decor (h/t Little Vintage Nest)
This DIY project takes the idea of door decor literally. Total farmhouse chic!
21. Entryway bench (h/t Ryobi Nation)
Greet guests with a personalized entryway bench that you customize with your monogram and last name. It's an elaborate piece of decor that will really jazz up the space.
22. Outdoor beverage station (h/t Brooklyn Limestone)
Entertain guests all summer long at your very own beverage station. Get your hands on an old door and re-create this fantastic piece for your porch or patio.
23. Sofa (h/t Design Sponge)
Yes, seriously: You can make a sofa from old doors. Take a page from this DIY blogger's book to make a functional, stylish sofa.
24. Entertainment console (h/t Saved by Love Creations)
Give your television the proper, stylish home it deserves by repurposing an old door into an entertainment console. Add wheels to make it a handy rolling unit.
25. Vintage door message board
Keep yourself organized by turning an old door into a vintage-looking message board. Switch up this DIY project by adding cork instead of a chalkboard.
26. Outdoor picnic table (h/t Embracing Change)
If you do a lot of outdoor entertaining, add this DIY project to your list. This old door was brought back to life as a stunning picnic table.
27. Privacy screen (h/t Not Just a Housewife)
Surrounded by neighbors? This is the DIY solution for you. Paint old doors bright, fun colors for an easy-to-make privacy screen that adds a nice pop to your backyard.
28. Large outdoor chair (h/t Dumped and Discovered)
Made easily from old doors, this oversized chair would fit right in any garden or on any porch.
29. Photo frame (h/t Photog Mommie)
Turn an old door with windows into one big family photo display that accommodates all your favorite memories. Add a few hooks along the bottom for bonus storage.
30. Wall display (h/t Better Homes and Gardens)
Part of an old garage door does the trick for this DIY project. Switch out the message based on the event or season. ​
31. Potting bench (h/t Cottage and Cabin)
This rustic piece fits perfectly in the garden or an outdoor shed. Potting plants never has to be a chore again.
32. Trellis (h/t Old House Online)
On old screen door makes a lovely garden trellis. Paint it a nice, bright color so it stands out from under the plants.
33. Toddler bed (h/t My Repurposed Life)
An old door is just the right size for a toddler bed. Enjoy the satisfaction of knowing you repurposed a door into something your child loves.
34. Door decor (h/t Industrial by Design)
Refurbish two beaten-up doors into statement pieces for the dining room.
35. Old-door bed (h/t The Public)
Everyone has seen door headboards, but this DIY project is a bit different because the whole bed is made from doors. This cool vintage furniture project calls for four old doors that are chopped up and reconstructed.
36. Coffee tables (h/t Mr. Fix It)
This clever DIYer hollowed out the inside panels and replaced them with a chevron design for an artsy masterpiece.
37. Bench (h/t Jami Ray Vintage)
This cut-up door makes a cute, vintage-style bench for the front porch. The gorgeous turquoise paint accents the rustic finish of the porch.
38. Tabletop (h/t relaxshacksDOTcom)
The designers of this tabletop replaced the inside of an old door with pallet wood. The yellow color is so bright and fun!
39. Workbench (h/t Handy Andy Workshop)
Not every DIY project with an old door has to be about beauty and decor. The large surface of this functional work bench is ideal for creating other DIY projects.
40. Primitive corner shelf (h/t Chris Laubach)
Much like the corner shelf above, this project turns an older door into a corner shelf but with a more primitive look.
41. Dining room table (h/t Redneck Restoration Show)
A lot of doors are transformed into coffee tables, but this project turns a door into a dining room table. If your home needs a little rustic country style, then this is the old-door project for you.
42. Glowing table (h/t superdataman)
In broad daylight, this looks like an ordinary table, but at night, it doubles as a nightlight! Grooves cut into the top of the old door are filled with glow-in-the-dark paint.
43. Upgrade an old door (h/t Hip n Creative)
This side-by-side shot shows an old door and one that has received an upgrade, by adding decorative moulding. It's an easy project that can transform doors throughout your home.
44. Sliding door (h/t Lynn Fern)
Lots of sliding-door projects are out there, but one that incorporates a rounded door is rare. The bright red is an elegant accent.
45. Door shelf (h/t Time Worn Interiors)
If you run across a large, square door like this, don't let it go. This is stunning. Old corbels become brackets for the shelving – just another element that makes this DIY project top-notch. ​
46. Long table (h/t The Sparkling Martins)
A long, narrow door is proof that the size and shape of a door don't matter: It's all in what you do with it. Let your creativity take shape.
47. Jewelry display (h/t Jennifer Rizzo)
Use an old door as a backdrop to display jewelry. This one is in a store, but you could easily do this for your own jewelry collection.
48. Hall tree with shoe rack (h/t A little bit of something for everyone)
This DIY project brings a little something extra to an old-door hall tree: a built-in shoe rack. This DIY is gorgeous and functional. The mirror adds a practical element.