This woman's pumpkin ideas are unlike anything we've seen before

Once summer ends and September comes around, it's time to think about fall, and one of the most commonly seen decorative items during this time is pumpkins. Pumpkins of all shapes and sizes are useful when you're decorating indoors and outdoors, but mini pumpkins hold a special place in our hearts.
These tiny pumpkins are so much fun to buy and craft with, and there are endless opportunities to use them in your fall creations. Get ready for fall and Halloween with some mini pumpkin DIYs that make the most out of something so small.
1. Pumpkin tea lights (h/t Home for the Harvest)
Create a stunning centerpiece using miniature pumpkins. Transform these tiny pumpkins into glowing tea light candles with a few simple steps, and have guests oohing and aahing over your crafting skills. Orange pumpkins are cute, but there's something almost elegant about white pumpkins.
2. Pumpkin candle
Looking for the perfect seasonal candle? Look no further than mini pumpkins. With this DIY tutorial, not only will your candles have a home but your home will smell amazing too!
3. Sequin polka dot pumpkins (h/t Sugar & Cloth)
Add some sparkle and fun to your pumpkins with this DIY! The sequins create a classier, more modern look. If you use plastic pumpkins, this DIY can last for several years!
4. Donut pumpkins (h/t Studio DIY)
These little pumpkins look good enough to eat! Turn miniature pumpkins into tasty-looking treats with some craft paint. This easy, whimsical tutorial gives your pumpkins a unique and colorful look.
5. Message pumpkins (h/t Lovely Indeed)
Get a very small message across using miniature pumpkins. These look really cute when grouped with larger pumpkins, or on their own. Customize them any way you like to fit in with your fall decor, whether it's for Halloween or traditional fall purposes.
6. Tribal pumpkins
Looking for something different to do with small pumpkins? Why not give them a funky tribal paint makeover? These chic, elegant pumpkins look right at home on your table, and you can vary the color combinations as you desire. Get the full tutorial here.
7. Pumpkin florals (h/t Fish & Bull)
Who needs vases? Turn mini pumpkins into adorable holders for colorful fall flowers perfect for decorating. These eye-catching crafts make cute hostess gifts, too.
8. Striped pumpkins (h/t Homey Oh My)
Simple but stunning, using metallic tape turns small white pumpkins into gorgeous and sophisticated decorations. This easy no-carve craft is fast but looks amazing.

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