12 DIY projects to make your home a little more classy

Do you want to make your home look classier without spending a ton of money? You're in the right place! I'm always swooning over expensive decor in high-end stores, but instead of buying it, I think it's so much more fun to make my own.
It doesn't matter if you're a DIY expert or a total beginner – there are tons of awesome ways to make pretty things for your home!
1. Copper and wood light fixture (h/t Vintage Revivals)
Copper has been one of my favorite trends lately, and I love how it looks with the dark wood in this light fixture! If copper doesn't fit in with the style of your home, you could try swapping it out for a different metal. Almost anything would look good!
2. Air plant hangers (h/t Homey Oh My)
If you can never keep plants alive, air plants on cute hangers are the perfect solution! They require almost no maintenance, and they make for a pretty awesome wall display.
3. DIY watercolor plates (Sugar and Charm)
These plates look like they were made by a professional artist! Try making a set for yourself – there's no wrong way to paint them, and you can play around with your favorite colors and patterns!
4. Copper edge mirror (h/t Makers Society)
Who wouldn't be tempted to check out their reflection in this super-stylish copper mirror? You'll never believe what was used to make the copper edging – copper tape meant to deter slugs and snails!
5. Painted trellis accent wall (h/t Centsational Style)
Why spend your money on wallpaper when you can get even better results by painting a design right onto the wall? All you need is a good stencil, some acrylic paint, and a few hours of time!
6. Chevron corkboard (h/t Houzz)
Corkboards don't usually scream elegance, but this one sure does! There are so many fun things you could do with this project – how about making a set of four smaller boards with contrasting frames?
7. Geometric lamp base (h/t Sarah M. Dorsey Designs)
This geometric lamp base looks a lot more complicated to make than it really is! It's a great statement piece, and it's the perfect size for an end table or a dresser.
8. DIY plant pockets (h/t Design Love Fest)
These little plant pockets are perfect if you don't have enough surface space for plant pots! I love the white, minimalist look, but I think these would look even more gorgeous if they had a few geometric designs on them.
9. Elegant serving tray
As symbols of hospitality, trays should please the eye as well. This elegant tray DIY is fashioned from cardboard, decorative paper and a pair of pretty drawer pulls. Despite the modesty of the materials, the tray is something you’ll be eager to show off to guests or just enjoy all by yourself, as you indulge in well-earned downtime. Get the full tutorial here.
10. Mid-century side table (h/t Sugar and Cloth)
Bring a touch of elegance into your home with this charming mid-century side table! It's just the right size, and it has a secret compartment perfect for hiding remotes and clutter when unexpected guests stop by.
11. DIY Japanese printed bowls (h/t The Lovely Drawer)
These little Japanese printed bowls are so sweet! They could be used to hold everything from jewelry to candy, and the color possibilities are endless. I don't know about you, but I think I need to make some for myself in every color of the rainbow!
12. Knock-off Ballard Designs mirrors (h/t Thrifty and Chic)
How gorgeous are these mirrors? They look so expensive, but they cost almost nothing to make! You could do this project by simply painting a cheap mirror from IKEA, but it would be even more fun to build a custom frame that fits with your home decor.
Are you ready to go create some things that will make your home look a bit more classy? Don't forget to share this article on Facebook before you go!

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