Check out this viral mason jar craft that everybody is copying (+9 projects)

It seems like mason jars are good for almost anything. They make the best storage, and they can be transformed into everything from adorable vases to breathtaking luminaries.
Hopefully, you already have some mason jars on hand, but if you don't, these projects will have you running to the store.
Bandana candle holders
Mason jars work well candle holders even if you don't add anything else to them, but do you ever wonder how you could make them even better? Wrapping them in a piece of a pretty bandana is an easy and elegant solution. Get the full tutorial here.
Distressed mason jar
Sometimes the simplest DIY projects are the one that make the biggest impact. This mason jar vase is a staple decor item for any shabby chic room. Simply choose any color that matches the existing decor, and you can make this craft in a short amount of time. Get the full tutorial here.
Mason jar luminary
How pretty are these mason jar luminaries? Believe it or not, they're made with glass gems from the dollar store. You'll love the patterns they make when the light shines through them. Get the tutorial here.
Mason jar bird feeder
Mason jars are often used to store human food, but did you know they're a way to feed birds as well? Transform a mason jar into a bird feeder to keep feathered friends fed and flocking to your yard.
Mason jar to-go cup
Turn your mason jar into a cup you can use on the go. The mason jar is perfect for cold, summery drinks. Add a fun straw for a pop of color.
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Pantry canisters
Got some old pickle or mason jars lying around? Upgrade them to chic pantry decor with the following project. This one will have guests thinking you spent a fortune at Pottery Barn.
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Spring mason jar decor
Add a touch of spring to any room by incorporating pastels and florals. In the picture below, this mason jar piece also serves as a vase.
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Mason jar wall decor
You can also turn old mason jars into wall accents. In the picture below, we added some rustic charm and paired the jars near a white window curtain for greater contrast.
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Lace mason jar
If you want more of a shabby chic look, check out the following video that shows an easy project.
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Mason jar garden lantern
Mason jars aren't just for the indoors. You can also use them as outdoor decor as well. Place these luminaries near your favorite garden plants. Fill with your favorite rocks. Get the tutorial here.
Mason jar succulents
Succulents add so much life to any room. The DIY project in this video is absolutely perfect to get a pop of plant-provided color.
Mason jar with a decorated top
Sometimes, the mason jar lid is completely forgotten about. Not this time! Remember, you can craft up the top, so the top becomes the statement of the jar, as demonstrated in the picture below.
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Floating candle centerpieces
These candles might just be the perfect centerpiece. They're simple but sweet, and they take almost no time at all to make! Plus, you can just empty out the water and reuse the jar once the special event is over.
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Calming glitter jar
Who can’t help but stare at the hypnotic dance of a lava lamp? This DIY glitter jar achieves the same effect, and you can create it yourself in minutes. Give it a shake whenever you’re feeling stressed, and enjoy a few relaxing moments as you watch the glitter gently glide around the jar. Place it next to a candle or incense holder to create an at-home oasis where relief can wash over you like a serene, shimmery wave.
Starry night table centerpiece
Set the mood with these sparkly starry night luminaries. These would be perfect out on the patio on a warm summer night, but they'd be just as nice in the center of a a winter-themed table. Get the tutorial here.
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