Socks do more than just keep your feet warm. Just take a look at this cool DIY

Most of us take socks for granted. We wear them all the time with sneakers, at night to keep our feet warm while we sleep, or with dress pants and loafers. We also toss them in the trash once they show signs of wear, like small holes. Recycle and repurpose worn-out socks and give them a new lease on life with these fun and creative DIYs.
1. Sock teddy bear (h/t Rawr)
All it takes to make a cute stuffed teddy bear is two mismatched socks and a few spare minutes. This is a creative way to recycle socks.
2. Phone pouch (h/t Fine Craft Guild)
Give your cell phone a snug place to sit with a phone pouch that's cozy-crafted from kids' socks. You can even make a pocket for your headphones, keys or spare coins.
3. Tie-dye socks
Recycle a pile of old white socks by transforming them into totally cool and colorful tie-dye socks. These are a bright and fun way to liven up any day, and you'll get more use out of mismatched white socks or simply worn ones. Get the full tutorial here.
4. Fingerless gloves
Fingerless gloves keep your hand warm but allow you full use of your fingers, which makes them perfect for fall and winter wear. Create these nifty gloves from socks, and customize them as you like. Get the full tutorial here.
5. Coffee cozy (h/t Splash of Something)
Protect your hands from a hot cup of coffee with this easy DIY for a no-sew coffee cozy. All you need is a sock and any decorations you may desire for your adorable cozy.
6. Sock vases (h/t Design Sponge)
Dress your vases up in snug socks! This charming DIY makes your vases look like they're wearing little sweaters. It's a fun way to add decor to your home for the winter months.
7. Sock hot pack (h/t Lil Blue Boo)
Perfect for backaches or neck aches, cramps, or anytime you need some heat relief, a sock hot pack is simple to make using socks or leg warmers.
8. Door stoppers
Feel a chill coming in from underneath a door? Use socks to make a warm door stopper that's the ideal size to keep drafts at bay. Get the full tutorial here.
9. Wine wrapper (h/t Taryn Williford)
Taking a bottle of wine for a hostess gift to a dinner party? Give it a unique look by using a knee sock as a wrapper. This also cushions the bottle and keeps it safe.
10. Dryer balls (h/t Organic Authority)
Avoid the strong scents and toxic chemicals used in dryer sheets, and make your own dryer balls using old socks and the essential oils of your choice.
11. Sock kitty (h/t Passion Forum)
Use cozy, soft sleep socks to make a cute stuffed cat for kids. Use scraps to decorate the cat with clothing or toys.