10 DIYs that you can make in under an hour

When many of us think of crafting, we think it will likely take hours to gather supplies and create a cute craft. However, that's not always the case. With these quick DIYs, you can put together something really neat in a hurry, and you don't have to worry about blocking out your whole day just to craft.
1. Turn old jars into beautiful containers
Some candle jars are so beautiful that it's hard to part with them, even when the wick runs out and the candle has reached the end of its life. With this clever upcycling idea, there's no need to toss the jars in the recycling bin. Instead, revive them into charming storage containers for cotton balls or other bathroom necessities. Get the full tutorial here.
2. Add glam to a plain mirror
Want to add an element of luxury to a make-up table or dresser? Create a bejeweled mirror that’s both stunning and simple to make. This DIY project only requires four materials, old jewelry being one of them. When finished you’ll agree that upcycling has never been so easy – or looked so glamorous. Get the full tutorial here.
3. Floral jewelry tray (h/t Style Me Pretty)
Grab a few pretty plates and put together a shabby chic jewelry tray that will jazz up your vanity or bathroom counter in seconds, and it looks much more expensive than it is!
4. Glittering Mason jars (h/t Dream a Little Bigger)
Light up your living room with easy to make Mason jars featuring sparkly stones. You can use these for storage or place LEDs inside for a pretty decoration.
5. Lips makeup bag (h/t DIY Tutorial Ideas!)
This adorable makeup bag shaped like red lips is a huge hit with tweens and teens and looks cute coming out of any purse or bag. Bonus: it's easy and quick to put together.
6. DIY Silly Putty (h/t Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom)
Have a kid who loves squishing, squeezing, and playing with putty? Skip the chemical-laden, expensive version and make your own at home in minutes with a few household supplies.
7. Felt flowers (h/t Happiness is Homemade)
Whether you're making them as gifts or for decoration, felt flowers are easy and quick and add color to your home. Bunch them together for a bouquet.
8. Whiteboards (h/t One Little Project)
Keep a grocery list, note to your kids, or reminders on a cute DIY whiteboard you can make fast, cheap, and easy.
9. Map magnets (h/t The Happy Housie)
Celebrate the places you've been or the places you want to go with these fun and simple map magnets.
10. Leather jewelry pouch (h/t Something Turquoise)
A great gift, this chic jewelry pouch is easy to put together; no sewing required. Personalize it for a perfect party favor.

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