Bust out that spray paint can. Here are 6+ projects going viral right now

Spray paint isn't just for graffiti art. The following projects prove why this is another must-have item in any crafter's house. Versatile and easy to use, spray paint is a go-to in these DIYs.
From upcycled vases, candles, pillows, and more, the possibilities of what you can do with spray paint are enormous.
Chic geometric decor
Although straws are a cheap and easily accessible material, they are unlikely to be the first thing to come to mind when thinking of DIY supplies. Turns out, however, that straws are perfect for making trendy geometric shapes. Geometric shapes are not only very on trend but also a super sleek and modern addition to any room. Get the full tutorial here.
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Mercury glass bottles
These chic bottles add a touch of metallic to your decor. Make a single one or make a bunch and group them together. You can put flowers in them or leave them empty. Get the full tutorial here.
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Frosted mason jars
Most people love the look of mason jars, but sometimes it's fun to spruce them up a bit. It doesn't take much to give a mason jar a makeover. This tutorial will show you how to do it using little more than some paint and some ribbon. Get the full tutorial here.
Spoon candle
Did you know you can create a neat DIY light with some spoons and spray paint? Get the full tutorial here.
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Stone columns
If you are looking to give your home a classical look and feel, this DIY is it. Put this decor item on a patio or in a little corner nook of the home. Guests will never know what it's made of! Pool noodles aren't very elegant by itself, but it takes little more than a coat of stone spray paint to transform them into a chic piece of home decor. That's the secret behind this genius DIY project. Get the full tutorial here.
Painted pillows
It may have never occurred to you that you can use spray paint on upholstered and fabric items, but you can instantly make a difference in many types of pieces, including pillows. These fun pillows look like high-end home decor, but you can make them yourself for much less. Get the full tutorial here.
Galvanized tubs
If you are planning a picnic, family barbecue or any other outdoor event, check out this simple project for creating sleek, shiny containers perfect for keeping your drinks ice cold. Get the full tutorial here.
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