10+ cheap home improvements that'll make a big impact and will fit your budget

Looking around your home, you might wish you could make changes but you just don't have the money for large-scale renovations. Even small changes, however, can make a big impact on the way your home looks.
Take on one project at a time and see the difference. You may be inspired to complete even more small projects, and over time, you'll find that these small DIYs add up to major improvements.
1. Paint the floor (h/t Designer Trapped)
Tired of looking at old, retro linoleum? Freshen up the floors with paint and give any room a completely new look for less cash.
2. Switch plate upgrades (h/t Doodle Craft Blog)
Transform boring, old switch plates into something pretty with this DIY. Instantly, turn a light switch plate into your very own canvas. The craft below features a fun house design, but you can customize the look to match your home.
3. Paint a faucet
Tired of your tacky faucet? Give it an upgrade via a paint job, as shown in the project below by Sincerely Sara D. In Sara's case, she used a metallic rubbed bronze for the finished look.
4. Planked wall
Add wooden planks to a wall to accent it. You can paint the wood any color of your choice. This is much easier and less expensive than you think. It looks really cool in a bathroom or other small space.
5. Cabinet shelving
Love those cabinets with shelves on top to put dishes, plants or decorative items? Make your own in one day, and enjoy the accent they add to your kitchen space.
6. Rustic plant stand
Simple but impactful, this easy DIY uses an old wire basket create a rustic plant stand or entry table. This can easily be placed indoors or in a garden. Get the full tutorial here.
7. Rope shelving
These easy shelves have a quirky charm about them, and they definitely add accent to a basic wall, while providing display space for some of your favorite items or books. We made ours from pallet wood. Get the full tutorial here.
8. Paint furniture
Got an old chest of drawers or dresser that's simply too boring for words? Liven it up and add zest to your bedroom with some paint and new hardware. Get the full tutorial here.
9. Patterned bookshelf (h/t Erin Spain)
Liven up a bookshelf with a backdrop that adds drama instantly. And, it's super easy and cheap! In this case, removable wallpaper is used.
10. Front door redo (h/t First Home Love Life)
When people come up to your home for the first time, the first impression they get is based on your front door and entry area. Give it a makeover with just a few supplies.
11. Backsplash makeover (h/t Ella Claire)
Jazz up your kitchen by creating a DIY beadboard backsplash. It creates a clean, simple look in your kitchen that makes it feel fresh and new.

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