Grab some small square mirrors from the dollar store and copy these 7 fab DIYs

Small square mirrors from the dollar store aren't much to look at on their own, but with a little bit of creativity, you can transform them into so many cool things for your home.
In fact, these little mirrors might just be the coolest thing for sale in the dollar store. Take a look at these DIY projects to see how many ways small square mirrors can enhance home decor.
1. Mirrored planter (h/t Hi Sugarplum!)
This mirrored planter is so chic, and it's incredibly easy to make. It's just the right size for a succulent, but it would look great with any type of plant inside.
2. Contemporary mirrored backsplash
Attach square mirrors to a wall for an interesting, contemporary backsplash. You might not want to put this behind your stove because of how hard it would be to keep clean, but it would look stunning behind a little bar like this one.
3. Mosaic frame mirror (h/t Head In The Clouds)
If you happen to have a single small square mirror already, turn it into a mosaic frame mirror. This statement piece fits any room, especially when you select a color to match the decor.
4. Mirrored wall (h/t The Crafty Blog Stalker)
One mirror is fun, but a whole wall of mirrors is even better for a cool alternative to the typical floor-length bedroom mirror. Put up the squares with double-sided tape designed for that purpose instead of caulk or glue to make the project even easier.
5. Copper-edged hurricane vases (h/t Brit + Co.)
Anyone who loves copper will love these mirrored hurricane vases. Combine them with ordinary glass hurricane vases to create a centerpiece.
6. Mirrored centerpiece (h/t Dive Into DIY)
This elegant mirrored centerpiece looks beautiful on a coffee table. You don't have to fill it with rocks and succulents. Why not try coffee beans and candles?
7. Paned mirror (h/t Nastazsa)
This paned mirror is gorgeous in any room. Visitors will not know you made it with mirrored squares from the dollar store and wood from the home improvement store.

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