Don't toss that old chair. Here are 9 ways to repurpose it

Nobody wants to have a home full of mismatched chairs, but that doesn't mean you need to throw away your old chairs when one of them breaks.
Instead, use your creativity and DIY skills to transform these old pieces of furniture into something new and wonderful. Check out these ideas for some inspiration.
1. Chairback flower pot holder (h/t Organized Clutter)
If only the back of your chair is usable, transform it into a gorgeous flower pot holder like this one. In fact, this could be used to hold almost anything: How about attaching mason jars to it and filling them with fresh flowers?
2. Cheerful planter (h/t Simply Country Life)
Who knew there were so many different ways to use old chairs as planters? This one is perfect if you have more space and an old chair that you love. Wire mesh and burlap replace a missing seat and hold the dirt.
3. Towel rack shelf
This chairback looks like it was practically meant to become a cute towel rack. You'll need some woodworking skills to make this project, but it's still pretty easy. Get the full tutorial here.
4. Photo holder (h/t Organized Clutter)
This simple chair back photo holder would be the perfect place to display one of your favorite old photos. If you have several smaller photos you'd like to display, how about stringing some ribbon across the frame and hanging pictures from that?
5. DIY swing
This is such a fun take on a classic porch swing. A swing certainly turns more heads than run-of-the-mill wicker furniture, but luckily, it’s easy to transform a wicker chair into a swing in as little as an afternoon. Best of all, this upscale DIY project makes excellent use of only a few materials and is unbelievably easy on the budget. Get the full tutorial here.
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6. Chairback coat rack (h/t Facelift Furniture)
A fresh coat of paint and a few coat hooks can really turn an old chair back into something amazing. This would also make a good towel rack for a kitchen or bathroom.
7. French-style bench (h/t An Oregon Cottage)
This classic French-style bench is so pretty, and it definitely looks professional. Choose chairs with nice backs if you want the bench to turn out as lovely as this one.
8. Rustic night stand
This craft is best done with a wooden chair that has seen better days. We used one that still had its original padding and then removed it to make the chair more functional as a nightstand. Don't you love the rustic charm of this stand? Get the full tutorial here.
9. DIY pet bed (h/t By The Stand)
Some people don't like their pets going on furniture, but this adorable pet bed turns an old chair into a special place for a furry friend. It looks so cozy, and it's pretty simple to make.
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