8 adorable DIY Valentines cards that really do say it all

No matter whether you're giving them to your friends, your family, or your special someone, handmade Valentines are the best way to show how much you care!
Making cards is also a great way to get into the holiday spirit, so pick your favorite card from the list below and get crafting. Valentine's Day will be here before you know it!
1. Hearts in a jar card (h/t DC2NY Confessions)
If your heart is overflowing with love, this cute card is the perfect way to show it! You can draw your own mason jars or print your cards using the template provided in the tutorial — either way, the results will be great.
2. Thumbprint valentines (h/t Simply Kierste Design)
These cute thumbprint cards would be so much fun to make with kids, but there's no reason you couldn't make them on your own as well! They're almost guaranteed to bring a smile to anyone's face.
3. Scratch off cards (h/t Sorority Sugar)
These unique scratch off cards are such a fun way to give someone a little Valentine's surprise! Everyone will be amazed that you made them yourself.
4. Punny glowstick valentines (h/t Eighteen 25)
Not many people give out glowsticks on Valentine's Day, so you can be sure that these cards will be appreciated! They're perfect if you're looking to make a Valentine's gesture without getting too sappy.
5. Tic tac toe cards (h/t Inspiration Made Simple)
How fun are these little tic tac toe cards? Hand them out with a little bag of pink and red M & M's so that the recipients can enjoy a fun game of tic tac toe!
6. String heart cards
These string heart cards are way easier to make than they look — you could even make them with your kids! They'd be perfect to hand out to classmates and friends alike.
7. Watercolor heart cards (h/t My Beautiful Everyday)
These watercolor heart cards are a great choice if you're needing to make a card last minute — all you need is a set of watercolor paints and some nice paper! The red and pink hearts are so pretty, but you could also choose less conventional colors like blue and green.
8. Shaker card (h/t Anna Powell)
Shaker cards like these ones are usually so expensive to buy at the store, but it's really easy to make your own! You can save even more money by making your own confetti with a die cutter.

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