Don't ignore these trays from Goodwill. Here are 6+ nifty ideas to reuse them

TV tables or folding trays are a fun tool to use when you're hosting a big family dinner and you need extra places to feed everyone. You can also use them to hold your breakfast while you curl up on the couch to read the paper.
Unfortunately, a set of these little tables can set you back $50 to $200. No need to worry, though, because there are some nifty ways to renew used folding trays.
Distressed farmhouse tray
The project featured in this tutorial turns a boring set of brown tables into unique modern, country pieces. You'll need to sand down the surface of these tables before repainting and decorating. Don't be afraid to personalize them with your favorite quotes.
'Lucite look' tv tray
Give your tv tray a more modern spin by upgrading the top to clear acrylic. Not only is this DIY version very affordable, it comes out looking truly swoon-worthy. The "real" version sells for $150 whereas the DIY version is just a fraction of the cost. Get the full tutorial at In My Own Style.
Turn the tv tray into a nightstand
Upgrade your tv tray even further by giving it extra storage and a cute door handle. Now, you can use it as a nightstand or side table. Get the full tutorial at Summery Umbrella.
Monogrammed tray
If you're looking for something sleek and upscale, try painting an old TV tray dark and adding a monogram to match your surname. This classy overhaul makes even cheap tables look super fancy. Get the full tutorial here.
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Add a pop of color
Don't be afraid to give an old tray new life by painting it a new, bold color. A bright color can really make the piece stand out in a room. Style with some greenery and empty glass bottles to help set the mood. Afterwards, you won't even recognize the old item anymore!
Coastal makeover
If you want to completely transform the table to create a cool nightstand, follow the directions in this tutorial.
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Makeshift ironing board
Believe it or not, you can turn a folding tray into a makeshift ironing board. Get the full tutorial here.
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Chalkboard TV tray
Add some fun functionality to a TV tray with the technique shown in the video below. Just a few supplies are needed to add a chalkboard section. Get the full tutorial here.
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Chevron-style tray
Add extra sparkle by using this genius trick. This dipped chevron look makes the old tray look more upscale and expensive without costing a lot of money. Get the full tutorial here.
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